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make every song your favourite tune

Shine A Light, a Rolling Stones fan community
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Hi! Welcome to Shine a Light, a Rolling Stones fan community. We are a small community with only 50+ members so far but who really cares about that stuff anyways? This community is a little home for the fans of the Jagger hips, Glimmer Twins and Bill P33n (Okay, you might get a little bit bashed if you are pro-Bill ‘The P33n’ Wyman)

Anything Stones related can be posted/discussed here, this includes:






What is down Mick’s pants

& Other crap that you normally post about in communities.

I won’t write out 945729242 rules that you must follow in order to remain a member, I trust you not to act like bastards and get all agro in everyone’s faces. I also trust you to understand that this is a Rolling Stones fan community so like, why post anything about Britney Spears or the weather?

If you need any help or feel the need to ask any questions concerning the community then message me, postsanity (administrator) or one of the moderators, acidtripped, catmelodies, nikkura_, crucifixation, texaspirate and tuuletinblues.

Some other Stones LJ communities you might like to check out are a_kiss_away, shot_away, keefalicious aaaand...thats about it.

This is probably one of the only Stones communities that has seen the light of day since ’06 (yeah okay, we haven’t been around that long...) and for that I would like to proudly thank all of our member who participate in discussion and post stuff for us to fangirl over. Thanks :)

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